Volunteer and help advance the knowledge of Canadians about police training and professionalism!

Our police deserve support and admiration, but they also need the most modern skills and abilities.

C-CPR is growing.  More and more people are attending webinars or making inquiries about police reform.  Each webinar becomes a video.  White papers are being written. The website needs constant updating and maintenance.  Social media posts need to be written and posted on a schedule.

Would you consider donating some time?  A few hours here and there.  Or a commitment of an hour a week or a month would help the Coalition educate more Canadians about a new College of Policing that designs the best and most relevant curriculum for our new recruits.

Thank you!

Dennis Shepp

Secretary of C-CPR


C-CPR is happy to provide a reference for at least 10 hours of volunteer time.

Volunteer PositionsDescription of Position
Social Media Posting and/or CreationPost to our Twitter and Facebook or LinkedIn Accounts. Design appropriately sized visual graphics for social media using our Canva Pro subscription. The right candidate will have a flair for design.
Website Update ManagerBecome proficient at managing the Word Press website. Tweaking content, posting content, inserting conversion snippets. A little bit of html knowledge would be a good skill to have for this position.
Occasional Assistant for Limited TasksWe have administrative work like every charity. Volunteers are needed on an ad hoc basis to create or analyze spreadsheets, scan documents, organize digital files, create Google Ads campaigns etc. Interested? If you are let’s discuss.
Current News Collection and/or DisseminationWe would like to keep our members abreast of any news relevant to police reform. We will train the individual on the news items we are interested in. We estimate an hour of work weekly to scrape and then post the links.
Monthly Newsletter CreatorTo keep our members and our contacts informed we issue a monthly newsletter using Wild Apricot. You will be responsible for issuing the newsletter once per month.  Board volunteers will supply the content. You will be able to design the appearance and add graphics to make our organization look great!