About Us

Knowledge drives change.

C-CPR, with your help, can define a unified vision for Canadian police education.

The Coalition for Canadian Police Reform is a Registered Charity. Our goal is to educate Canadians about the need for professionalization of policing through national standards and a 21st Century curriculum.

Join us on this  journey to enhance police education via a national standard curriculum for both recruits and officers in Canada. Our police will benefit from more knowledge.

Our officers need to understand Indigenous history, colonization, and the effects of residential schools, and they need to know about our sometimes strained relations with Black Canadians, people of colour, and gender diverse communities.

Our officers need excellent interpersonal ability through advanced emotional intelligence learning and an understanding and appreciation for upholding a duty of care that values life and how de-escalation can help, especially with people with mental health issues or addictions.

Emotional intelligence skills also provide an officer with the ability to self-monitor their own mental health.

The Coalition has seen that a commitment to learning, reinforced throughout a police officer’s career, has had long term positive impacts.

C-CPR, with your help, can define a unified vision for Canadian police education. Join 200 other members in 10 provinces and 1 territory today: Become a member now!

Our History

Following a number of unfortunate events involving the police in Canada, three founding members each wrote op-eds to various papers.  David Cassels, now the President of C-CPR wrote about the need for policing to shift back to being peace-keepers and not peace-makers.  Peace-keepers are about the community; not about intervening with a heavy hand unless safety is at risk.  Togbi Nyaho Tamakloe wrote about the reality of People of Colour in North America and the long history of slavery followed by continuing racism that inhibits opportunity.  John Lilley wrote about the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as a model for excellence in police education.  

Considerable enthusiastic and meaningful conversations ensued!  The group of believers in change for policing grew to 20 or 30 of whom 15 were core in forming our non-profit society.

The first Conference on Canadian Police Reform in June 2022 was a resounding success. Since then we have presented to webinars to Canadians and these may be found on our YouTube site at @CoalitionCPR.

In May 2024 we established the Working Group aspiring to achieve the National Centre for Policing Excellence.

Community Involvement