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Our police officers need to understand Indigenous history, colonization, and the effects of residential schools. They need to know about the sometimes strained relations with Black Canadians, people of colour and gender diverse communities.

quote courtesy Michael Federico, Retired Deputy Chief, Toronto Police Service

Our officers need excellent interpersonal ability through advanced emotional intelligence learning and an understanding and appreciation for upholding a duty of care that values life and how de-escalation can help.

A commitment to learning, reinforced throughout a police officer’s career, has long term positive impacts.

National Centre for Policing Excellence

C-CPR is embarking on a journey to achieve a centre of excellence. We envision the development of world class police curriculum along with national standards defining the knowledge our new officers require for 21st Century Policing.

We believe that citizens reflecting the diversity of Canada should have a part to play in the police recruit curriculum.

We invite police officers and citizens of our land to join 200 members from 10 provinces and 1 territory. Together we can uplift our officers with knew knowledge and enhance the trust of Canadians in their police.

“Knowledge drives Change”. Read more.

To achieve the creation of a National Centre of Policing Excellence with the support of community representatives, stakeholders, police practitioners, academics, and government officials. Working collaboratively, the Centre develops national standards for training and education of our police service members.

Notre mission est de créer un collège canadien qui favoriser le développement de la profession policière, avec l’appui et le support de représentants communautaires, de policiers, de chercheurs et de représentants gouvernementaux.

Our vision is to elevate Canadian Policing to “World Class” standards by advancing evidence-based training for both police recruits and officers, developing national standards for all entry-level police training and creating a national certification criterion for police officers.

Nous voulons proposer l’adoption de standards élevés pour la profession policière au Canada, appuyés par des programmes de formation initiale et récurrente qui seront développés sur la base de recherches empiriques, pour l’obtention d’une certification, tant pour les recrues que pour les cadres policiers.