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Rethinking Police Control Tactics: Preventing Unnecessary Escalation of Force and Rebuilding Public Confidence in the Police.

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The Professionalization of Policing:

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There is overwhelming evidence of a need for transformation in how police officers in Canada are educated and trained. We bring together relevant stakeholders – citizens representing all parts of Canada and representing the diversity of our nation, police, researchers and politicians – to discuss what police officers need to know to effectively police in the 21st century. We believe that citizens reflecting the diversity of Canada should have a part to play in the police recruit curriculum.


To achieve the creation of a National Centre of Policing Excellence with the support of community representatives, stakeholders, police practitioners, academics, and government officials. Working collaboratively, the Centre develops national standards for training and education of our police service members.

Notre mission est de créer un collège canadien qui favoriser le développement de la profession policière, avec l’appui et le support de représentants communautaires, de policiers, de chercheurs et de représentants gouvernementaux.


Policing Excellence through the Establishment of a Canadian National Centre of Policing Excellence.

Nous voulons proposer l’adoption de standards élevés pour la profession policière au Canada, appuyés par des programmes de formation initiale et récurrente qui seront développés sur la base de recherches empiriques, pour l’obtention d’une certification, tant pour les recrues que pour les cadres policiers.